This Great Treasure of Dreams and Inner Life

Brian Prugh looks beyond mere technical achievement to ground artistic vocation in the lifelong journey of faith in this article for Fare Foreward.

Brian Prugh

6/23/20241 min read

Check out Brian's most recent article in the current issue of Fare Forward: "This Great Treasure of Dreams and Inner Life." The title is taken from a quote by Marie-Alain Couturier, an advocate for the embrace of modern art forms by the Church and a great critic of the cultural state of our faith.

"Sometimes the experience of reading isn’t just conditioned by the words on the page. Sometimes the possibility of reading closely requires a certain kind of experience, which is why I’ve gone into the details of my week—why I’ve drawn out my exhaustion, the frenzy of work, and hinted at the despair of knowing that it has no place to go. Honestly, from the outside, I probably look a little crazy. But there is something driving me to do the work, something that becomes visible in the writing of Father Couturier, a Dominican priest and perhaps the greatest clerical supporter of serious art in the twentieth century." Read more at Fare Foreward...